The good things that are said about LA staff just keep coming.

1 11 2011

September / October is our busy season and following the events we get a lot of unsolicited complimentary emails from happy delegates, sponsors and exhibitors, committee members. I thought I’d share a few. Well done to the entire team. You are sensational.

Hi Natasha, This is just a quick mail to Thank-you guys for the smooth running of the AMMA conference in Melbourne recently. The staff of Leishman Associates were always happy to help out with anything we needed and just made us feel
welcome in general. I just wanted to make sure you guys get the credit you deserve for a successful event. Once again Thank-you. Regards Lachlan Bauer, Customer Service Manager, Zone Medical


Hey Brig, How do you manage to always to be one step ahead?  You’re too good!!  I’ll draft something tonight and get that to you tomorrow. Everything else going Ok?  (I don’t know why I’d ask… of course it is!!) Cheers,David Marr |
Vice-President | Australasian Association for Institutional Research



It doesn’t get much better than this!

12 09 2011

Dear Nicole, Natalie, Naomi, Paula & the entire Leishman Associates team,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for your tireless effort in organising the Vow Financial conference in Fiji. The feedback from our clients, sponsors and staff has been truly magic. I believe that this was our best conference ever and you all played a major part in its success! Everything ran smoothly and adapting to situations out of our control (i.e weather) was flawless. Our biggest marketing event of the year was executed perfectly because of your hard work and dedication in putting together a world class conference

I look forward to working with all of you for our National Conference in 2012! We already have a few suggestions for you..

Another big thank you to all of you – you really are superstars!


Matt Mitchener, Marketing Manager, VOW Financial


Testimonial – AAIR 2010 Conference

26 10 2010

Is there nothing this girl won’t/can’t do!! I wish all the people I deal with were as accommodating as you lot at Leishman.
Dave Marr
Australasian Association Institutional Research

Testimonial from AIPM Exhibitor

25 10 2010

I am hoping I can pass on to you a thank you, your staff who assisted us in setting up and running our exhibit where fantastic. Nothing was too hard for them, they were very approachable and supportive with a balance of humour.  Thank you for making it a great conference for us as well 
Rachel Muldoon – Professional Services Manager
Protegic Pty Ltd – Strategic Project Management

Testimonial for Leishman Associates from AIPM 2010 Conference

24 10 2010

Dear Paula, I have today filled in and submitted the online feedback on the recent AIPM Darwin conference, but I wanted to highlight one thing I commented on.
The Leishman Associates personnel did a tremendous job at the conference and deserve recognition for the professional attitude and behaviour they displayed, they really did do a tremendous job, particularly as I assume they were all working away from home.  The planning that had gone into the event was apparent in how well it worked.

Francis Norman